The Offices of Dr. Mark J. Reid, D.C.

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Anti-Aging Clinic
Mulberry West Professional Office Building
425 W. Mulberry Street
Suite #110
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 204-1224

At The Anti-Aging Clinic, Dr. Mark J. Reid, D.C. offers each patient a personalized plan for health and wellness that includes exercise, nutrition and stress reduction.

A foundational premise of Anti-Aging medicine is the preservation of vision, memory and mobility. He believes chiropractic plays a vital role.

Dr Reid, D.C. is known for his phrase; "Life is motion and chiropractic restores motion". He emphasizes a healthy lifestyle as the foundation of true Anti-Aging healthcare.

Dr. Reid, D.C. does not believe that health comes in the form of a pill or a procedure.